Registration Methods

Individual Import Applications
Individual Import Applications According to "Operators, can not provide service to lost, smuggled or stolen devices as well as devices whose electronic identity information stored in Authority's CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) is changed." clause of 5392 numbered law, mobile equipment can be used if only recording process is completed without any problem.

Electronic devices which are brought from another country are not recorded if their Electronic Identity Information is changed or not original. Hence, it is strongly recommended that original devices with bill should be preferred.

According to 05.02.200 dated and 2000/53 numbered Council of Ministers decision, which is published at 23955 reference numbered official gazette and then came into force, only 1 mobile phone import per year is permitted for a person. Imported devices can be recorded at GSM operators' subscription centers if any application is made with the below documents.

Devices which are not recorded will be closed to communications in a short time.

In this scope in order to record imported devices, owner of the device should apply to GSM operators' subscription centers with his passport and petition which also includes IMEI number of the device, and he should provide photocopy of the passport pages which shows his entrance date to country and his personal information.

The above mentioned record procedures covers T.C citizens, and diplomats, military officers and students who are not T.C citizens but living in Turkey. According to 30.04.2007 dated Customs General Directory writing, the electronic devices which are brought by foreign nationals (diplomat, military officer, student and except those living in Turkey) coming to our country are not recorded.

In this scope, during the record procedures diplomats and military officers working in Turkey should provide passport or identity card; students should provide the certificate which they have to take from their school; and those living in Turkey should provide residence certificate to the GSM operators' subscription centers.

"Original copy is seen" cachet and filing office cachet should be stamped on copy of the documents whose originals are seen by the GSM operators' subscription centers.

With the web service application, records taken by subscription centers of GSM operators (Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea) are synchronously entered to the system. By this way, device can be recorded as soon as application is made. However, if any problem is identified while Telecommunications Authority is checking the documents received by GSM operators? subscription centers the related device will be deleted from the record list. For this reason, documents given to subscription centers must be complete.

If the documents related with device and electronic identity information of device are not problematic, device information is entered to the system and IMEI number of the device is recorded. 27/12/2019
Temporarily Staying In The Country
Temporarily Staying In The Country (Diplomat, Tourist, Expatriate Citizens, etc...)

Provided that people, who will stay in Turkey for a temporary period (diplomat, tourist, expatriate citizens and so on), proves their special situation by documenting and makes subscription agreement with one of the GSM operators in Turkey; then IMEI number of the equipment which is owned by those people is matched with the MSISDN number given to subscriber by using CEIR (Central Equiment Identity Register), and the related IMEI number is opened to communications on condition that only matched MSISDN number is used with this equipment.

In this context, after making application to subscription centers of related GSM operator with required documents, MSISDN number and related IMEI number is matched and the device is opened to communications. 27/12/2019