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2010-02-25 22:25:32


According to the rules related to 5809 numbered law, the necessary regulations were done about not giving electronic communication service for lost, fugitive, stolen equipments, and in Authority’s CEIR the equipments that IMEI number changed.

This regulation will prevent usage of non-registered mobile phones and by the way tax loss, also prevent many mobile phone users to be submitted hijacking and the automation of processes about importation will be established. By the way, separation of legal and illegal equipments that enter our country can be done.

Also has brought engagement to operators about not giving electronic communication service to lost, fugitive, stolen equipments and the equipments IMEI has changed in Telecommunication Authority’s database that will be established. For these equipments not connecting to electronic communication service, necessary regulations has done by Authority and operators and by completing CEIR-EIR connections application process has started.

After starting the application process, for handling problems and completing the deficiency of the system, Authority and GSM operators gathered, held meetings, and long ways has stepped about taking necessary precautions.

Beside there are similar systems in the world, first and uniquely, the established system has property of blocking the non-registered and fugitive mobile phones. By the way, it is aimed at preventing not only stolen phones market and also the fugitive mobile phones causing tax loss and causing unfair competition in the sector.

For system’s working fast and efficient, parallel working many systems gathered, high operated big system occurred. With this system, created for special aims, millions of data can be evaluated truely and fast.






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About CEIR

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